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(initialised 28 January 2004)

Wabei Translation

Some company (and personal) information, but not much too much

shousetsu The heart of the page is about two dozen translations of Japanese short stories and a dozen retold folk tales, and several times that many translated tales on related themes. The latest addition is a few stories from the Kojiki, but they seem more like folk tales than religion or history.
Mr. Gardner A limited selection of Japanese and New Mexican recipes (sort of). Donburi, posole, things like that.
Idaho Falls Temple Here are some J. Golden Kimball stories and other materials related to the Mormon church and a few of its members. There is also a page on the subject of marriage, and some poetry inspired by Mormon-L.
Links to piping and sumo sites-- these will be of more use to me than to you.

Notice: This is a wordy site. I've tried to clean up this first screen so you can at least see what kinds of words are waiting. I am seriously interested in your reaction, especially to the short stories. I can be reached at

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